Coffee Words (Blog)

  • All Hail, Colombia!

    Recently, we received a new Colombia coffee that has so blown me away, I decided I would dedicate a whole blog to its beauty and goodness. Nostalgia plays a part, I admit. It reminds me of the very first deep and chocolatey Colombia Aharon ever roasted, the first black coffee I ever tried and loved.
  • Kenya Hear Me?

    I know it’s cliché to tell you, YOU MUST TRY THIS COFFEE TO BELIEVE IT… but… seriously. If you love coffee? Try this Kenya. It is insane yummy as a drip, espresso, cold brew, and French Press. So far, there is nothing this Kenya cannot do other than help my homebound kids learn French.

    The deliciousness is real.

  • Spring Picking (The World’s Best Green Tea)

    Recently we added a new addition to our roster of specialty teas, and this one is our shining crown jewel: Sencha Green Tea from Kakegawa, Japan.

    Grown, picked, and shipped directly from the same farmers and tea experts who cultivate our ceremonial grade organic matcha green tea, this green tea is heavenly.

  • Never Run Out of Coffee Again

    Many of you are buying our beans when you need more coffee, and you are gifting them to friends. To all of you, we say: It’s thanks to YOU and others like YOU that we have been able to keep our lights on, our employees working, and our roastery fired up, especially during this year of so much calamity.

  • Uganda LOVE this New Coffee!

    I have exactly ONE customer who will laugh at this joke each time he visits our Beverly Hills 90212 coffee shop and asks me to recommend to him a g...
  • Frank Sumatra

    Frank Sinatra was the coolest of the cool, king of the Rat Pack and smooth crooner, wowing men and women alike. A timeless classic.

    Aharon Coffee Sumatra, arguably the new king of coffees at our Beverly Hills 90212 café, has us swooning as if we are grooving to New York, New York. Like Sinatra, our new organic, Fair Trade coffee from Sumatra, Indonesia is cool, a timeless classic, a crowd-pleaser, and above all, smooooooth.

  • How to Brew Coffee with a French Press

    Before we opened our Beverly Hills café, Aharon Vaknin, my husband and founder of Aharon Coffee, used to brew French press coffee for us almost daily at home. We loved the rich flavor and the naturally occurring coffee oils that gave our cup a wonderfully bold, rich flavor and a full-bodied mouthfeel.

    In our café, you won’t find French press coffee on our online menu (though we’ve been known to offer it as an ‘off the menu’ option for those who ask) but at home, it’s still a Vaknin staple.

  • Learn How to Make Cold Brew Like the Pros

    During the hot days of summer (vs cooler days), we sell triple and sometimes 10x the regular amount of cold brew at our Beverly Hills 90212 coffee shop and coffee roastery.

    Aharon Cold Brew coffee is crisp, smooth, and well-balanced, and has a chocolate note and a naturally sweet flavor note that makes it a knock out in the Cold Brew category.

    Learn to make it in 7 simple steps.

  • Bravo for Espresso!

    Aharon’s small-batch roasted, organic, joy-infused espresso has always been one of the most renowned and delicious offerings of our café. It is also an essential item for our espresso-loving online customers who want that Aharon café experience at home.

    But what exactly IS espresso?

  • Our Decaf Coffee is Spectacular

    1st, even decaf coffee has incredible health benefits; 2nd, many people need to avoid caffeine for legit health reasons but they still love the taste of coffee; and, 3rd, why shouldn’t people who are sensitive to caffeine (most of us) be able to enjoy a coffee in the evening?
  • Aharon: The Man, the Myth, the Legend… the Dad

    Over the years, many curious customers have wandered into our shop only because the name intrigued them. “Came because of the name, stayed because of the coffee” is the mantra of many of our now-regular clients. Intrigued by the unusual name Aharon, they had wandered inside, made a purchase, and then left with a transcendent cup of coffee and/or coffee beans, forever changed.
  • Honey Processed Coffee

    Have you ever heard of “honey processed” coffee? I knew this type of coffee existed, but it always confused me.


    Because there is NO HONEY in, around, or related to the honey processed coffee!

    You heard me: honey processed coffee has never been in contact with actual honey. So, you might logically ask, what’s with the name?