Coffee Words (Blog)


    At Aharon Coffee & Roasting Co., we have always roasted organic specialty coffees in-house, using a precision small-batch roasting method that ...
  • Aharon Coffee = Alive Coffee

    When customers email and ask my husband Aharon Vaknin why they can drink and enjoy Aharon Coffee without jitters, reflux, and “flavor notes” of cha...
  • Red Wine, Eat Your Heart Out!

    I love a good robust red wine, so when I first heard about this new fermented organic coffee from Ethiopia, I was skeptical. Wine is fermented. C...
  • New Year, New Coffees

    From a global perspective, 2020 was one of the most traumatic years of our lifetime. The pandemic that took the lives and health of so many also underscored the fragility of economic systems...
  • The Joy of Aharon Coffee

    This is guest post by Willem Boot. Willem is a roasting consultant and trainer and founder of Boot Coffee Campus in San Rafael, California. He is also one of the Giesen Ambassadors. 
  • Thankful Beyond Measure

    Taking stock of this year, 2020, is humbling. In March, when we wrote the blog about how our Beverly Hills 90212 café doors would remain open every...
  • Cupping Coffee at Home

    At our Beverly Hills, CA 90212 café, Aharon Vaknin encourages all of his customers who purchase our coffee beans to “cup” their coffee at home usin...
  • Cupping Coffee

    Clink! Sluuurrp! Spit!  Ahhh, the glamorous sounds of cupping coffee. Much like wine tasting, the art of cupping coffee is as loud as it is fun. Af...
  • Geisha Coffee: The Varietal that Rocked the Coffee (and Aharon Vaknin’s) World

    Aharon Vaknin does not do things halfway. If he is interested in something - and especially if he has a passion for something - he will put his whole heart, soul, body, mind, time and bank account into the endeavor.

    Many roasters start out roasting in their kitchens, then move to the farmer’s market, then maybe a stand or a truck… and only years later, usually backed by investors, are they able open and sustain an actual retail and online store.

    Not so with my husband.

  • All Hail, Colombia!

    Recently, we received a new Colombia coffee that has so blown me away, I decided I would dedicate a whole blog to its beauty and goodness. Nostalgia plays a part, I admit. It reminds me of the very first deep and chocolatey Colombia Aharon ever roasted, the first black coffee I ever tried and loved.
  • Kenya Hear Me?

    I know it’s cliché to tell you, YOU MUST TRY THIS COFFEE TO BELIEVE IT… but… seriously. If you love coffee? Try this Kenya. It is insane yummy as a drip, espresso, cold brew, and French Press. So far, there is nothing this Kenya cannot do other than help my homebound kids learn French.

    The deliciousness is real.

  • Spring Picking (The World’s Best Green Tea)

    Recently we added a new addition to our roster of specialty teas, and this one is our shining crown jewel: Sencha Green Tea from Kakegawa, Japan.

    Grown, picked, and shipped directly from the same farmers and tea experts who cultivate our ceremonial grade organic matcha green tea, this green tea is heavenly.