New Year, New Coffees

From a global perspective, 2020 was one of the most traumatic years of our lifetime. The pandemic that took the lives and health of so many also underscored the fragility of economic systems - both in our normally unflappable Beverly Hills 90212 and greater Los Angeles County areas, and most especially in the always struggling third world coffee-producing countries.

So, when Willem Boot, dear friend and mentor of our founder & CEO (my husband) Aharon Vaknin, presented us with the opportunity to purchase organic Colombian coffee - grown, cultivated and sold under the umbrella of the organization Willem helped get off the ground, Coffee for Peace, we jumped at the opportunity.


Coffee for Peace

Coffee for Peace is the name of an alliance of coffee farmers and coffee professionals which facilitates and promotes the trade of traceable coffees from historic violent zones in Colombia. The initiative, supported by the Colombian government, the Colombian Coffee Growers Federation and USAID, makes specialty coffee - the higher quality coffee beans that are the bedrock of coffee roasteries like Aharon Coffee & Roasting Co., a key component in the transition to peace.

Colombia Coffee

The strategies employed by Coffee for Peace target the technical training of the farmers and helps them implement best practices pre-, during, and post-coffee harvesting, in order to greatly improve coffee quality. With these methods and then by connecting the farmers with interested buyers, thanks to Coffee for Peace, thousands of Colombian coffee farmers are now able to tap into specialty markets, increasing their incomes and helping to sustain the fragile peace process within Colombia.

Colombia Coffee for Peace

Want to be a part of the solution? We do, too.

As challenging as it was, this past year has had many silver linings for us.  We had so much to be grateful for - Aharon obtained the prestigious Q Grader certification, new “pandemic” customers discovered us and supported us wholeheartedly, and many older customers “returned” as well, most of them digitally, purchasing our coffee online instead of in store.

And it is especially with all of you beautiful online customers in mind that we have launched our first EVER coffee pre-sale opportunity.


To purchase Colombian Coffee for Peace grown by the ASOCALM Women’s Collective click here.



And to purchase the exquisite microlot grown alongside the famous Colombian Magdelena River click here


Let’s raise a glass to 2021, to supporting peace in fragile nations, and most of all, to that AHHHHHH moment we get when we sip from a joyful, heavenly cup of Aharon Coffee.