Kenya Hear Me?

Oh, man. If you read my recent blog extolling the virtues of our organic, Rain Forest Alliance Certified Uganda coffee, you may have picked up that I have an unnatural affinity for really silly puns.

So imagine my delight when I was sitting down to write about my newest Aharon coffee OBSESSION, our organic newly arrived and fresh-roasted (always!) Kenya coffee.

People, this coffee is Beyond.

Off. The. Charts.

Kenya Organic Coffee

We had already printed the labels for the Kenya bags before receiving and cupping the coffee, so I was ready to enjoy the deep, flavorful notes that we had been prepped for: sweet berries mixed with savory notes of tomato and celery. Cool, right?

Well… turns out… this coffee is not just the sum of its sticker description. This coffee is everything and more I ever want and look for in a coffee. If I were a Greek god of coffee, this Kenya quite possibly would be my go-to drink.

I admit understatements have never been my thing. But seriously…

The first flavor note I savored, sipping my first few tastes?

Chocolate lava cake.

No joke. This coffee is rich, creamy, and chocolate-y with a depth and mouthfeel that lights me up even on my most depressed pandemic day.

The price point is higher than most of our other coffees because the raw green coffee bean is much more expensive than our other selections. But Aharon Vaknin, my husband, the intuitive coffee genius of Aharon Coffee & Roasting Co. (I am possibly biased here, but try the coffee and decide for yourself! I don’t think I’m wrong) was intrigued by the new Kenya offering. And sure enough, as soon as Aharon roasted it and savored its liquid coffee sweetness, he has never looked back.

I know it’s cliché to tell you, YOU MUST TRY THIS COFFEE TO BELIEVE IT… but… seriously. If you love coffee? Try this Kenya. It is insane yummy as a drip, espresso, cold brew, and French Press. So far, there is nothing this Kenya cannot do other than help my homebound kids learn French.

The deliciousness is real.

Kenya feel me?

Buy our Kenya Organic Coffee here.

Kenya Organic Aharon Coffee