All Hail, Colombia!

Here at Aharon Coffee & Roasting Co., we are BIG FANS of good coffee. When customers visit our 90212 flagship roastery/cafe and ask me which beans I recommend, I prefer to find out which of our coffees will give them the most joy.

I ask questions like “How do you brew your coffee,” “do you prefer bold and rich or a lighter mouthfeel,” and “Do you prefer creamy, chocolate notes, earthy with light herbal undertones, citrus-y, or a strong berry aroma…?” in order to find out which coffee of ours will dazzle and delight their particular palate and sensibilities.

But when they ask what is MY favorite coffee?

It’s tough. Unlike other roasteries, Aharon Vaknin (Q grader, CEO & Visionary of Aharon Coffee and my wonderful husband) roasts all our coffee beans with a precision-roasting technique that in my humble opinion, makes EACH ONE of our coffee options taste heavenly.

Each blend (Bravo, Movito and AM) has a unique and wonderful depth, boldness, and complexity, and each single-origin really fulfills the promise of its original ‘green’ bean, like the super-powered berry sweetness of our Ethiopia Dry Natural or the herbal, bold earthiness of our Sumatra.

“Don’t make me choose!” I usually answer. “They’re like my children. Each one is special and unique in its own way, and I love each one equally!”

And yet.

Our New Colombia Coffee

Recently, we received a new Colombia coffee that has so blown me away, I decided I would dedicate a whole blog to its beauty and goodness. Nostalgia plays a part, I admit. It reminds me of the very first deep and chocolatey Colombia Aharon ever roasted, the first black coffee I ever tried and loved.

We have another organic Colombia offering, by the way, whose properties and quality should not go unsung! It has been a regular favorite of ours for months, as it is simple, bold, and pleasurable with a clean finish.

But this new Colombia offering surprised me when I first tasted it. Beyond the memories it evoked, it made my palate sing the first time (and every time thereafter) I tried it! It manages to be bold and chocolatey but equally nuanced with notes of almond and a faint but pleasant lingering herbal after-taste.

I find myself going back and back again to this coffee in our store, even as my eyes linger over my other obsessions, such as the spectacular Kenya, the magical Uganda and our sublime Ethiopia Yirgacheffe.

So, for now - for this week at least, and probably for the next few weeks as well - won’t you join me?

Grab a bag, grind your beans, brew a carafe, and raise a cup, to the goodness of high quality organic Colombian coffee and the wonders of Aharon’s roasting technique.

All hail!


Colombia Organic