At Aharon Coffee & Roasting Co., we have always roasted organic specialty coffees in-house, using a precision small-batch roasting method that sets us apart from almost all other roasteries, worldwide. The coffee drinks and beans that guests of our 9467 Charleville Blvd. Beverly Hills, California, cafe & roastery are world-renowned for the vibrant joyful quality they deliver.

Quality of Aharon Coffee

We are passionate about quality coffee, careful roasting, detailed use of water, and beans-to-water weight and ratio to yield a delicious drink (see here for our tips on pour-over, French Press, espresso, drip machine, and cold brew coffee brewing!) We directly work with, purchase from and support the important work of organic, biodynamic leaders in their field, like Gibran Covarrubias of Ensembles Coffee in Veracruz, Mexico, who is the pioneer behind the organic, biodynamic Geisha coffee we purchase and roast along with several other spectacular Mexico microlot coffees.

Gibran Covarrubias of Ensembles Coffee in Veracruz, Mexico with Aharon and Yehuda

Aharon Coffee is Officially Certified Organic

Although the coffees we sourced, purchased, and roasted always had organic certification from the growers, we never applied for organic certification as it was a costly and time-consuming process… Until now! 

Please lift a glass (of Aharon Coffee, of course!) and toast with us to our new exciting USDA Organic Certification for the coffees Aharon Vaknin roasts. 

Organic Certification Aharon Coffee

P.S. Our teas are also now certified organic - so you can lift that deliciously soothing cup of Chai, Jasmine Green, Blood Orange, English Breakfast or Earl Grey too!