Aharon Coffee = Alive Coffee

When customers email and ask my husband Aharon Vaknin why they can drink and enjoy Aharon Coffee without jitters, reflux, and “flavor notes” of charcoal, Aharon often answers, “Because our coffee is alive! Most coffee is dead.”

To be clear - ALL coffee comes from an alive, beautiful coffee tree, and ALL coffee that we drink has already been roasted. 

So… what exactly does Aharon mean by his description of our coffee being “alive”?

Our Coffee is "Alive"

He means this: our coffee is never dark-roasted, over-roasted, or roasted in a manner that creates charred, burned beans, rancid, or evaporated coffee oils, and it will therefore never yield any of the undesirable “flavor notes” of charcoal, dirt, or manure. (Read more here about why we steer clear of dark-roasted coffee.)

Coffee Beans in Roaster

Also, at Aharon Coffee & Roasting Co., we care for our coffee beans in a vastly different manner from the coffee roasteries big, giant and small, who generally all let the beans sit in open buckets or open vats for hours and even days after the coffee has been roasted.

Not so at Aharon: after we roast our coffee, it’s handled with love, care, and SEALED as quickly as possible into one-way de-gassing bags that maintain freshness and do not let oxygen in to begin its degradation process. (For more information about why you should store your beans in the bag they came in or a vacuum canister, click here.)

Coffee Bean Quality Matters

And… quality matters.

At Aharon, we choose our coffees by searching for the highest graded, highest quality, certified organic coffee beans. Some, as with our fantastically smooth and light-bodied yet flavorful Peru, have been biodynamically farmed with a Demeter certification. This means that in addition to being organically farmed, the coffee is treated in a whole-istic (pun intended) manner that incorporates all aspects of the farm into the planting. The biodynamic farming method takes into account the animals who graze on the farm, the other plants and fruits grown on the farm, and the timing of the planting and harvesting which is based on the cycles of the moon.

Freshly Picked Coffee Beans Aharon Coffee

Our Coffee Roasting Technique

Most important, however, is what we do with the coffee once it arrives. We will never “kill” it by over-roasting it and/or leaving the roasted beans in the open air after the roasting process. Instead, using a conscious-driven (“Joy, Joy, Joy!”) and precision-roasting technique Aharon has personally developed and honed over the years at the helm of our Beverly Hills 90212 coffee shop/roastery, Aharon treats the coffee like the delicate fruits that they are, roasting them to just the right level so the resulting brew yields the full potential and spectrum of the coffee’s flavor and mouthfeel.

The proof? It’s in the coffee. See for yourself. 


Aharon Enjoying Aharon Coffee