Spring Picking (The World’s Best Green Tea)

I admit – over here at our coffee roastery and café, Aharon Coffee & Roasting Co., we mostly love to talk about (and write about, and share, and DRINK): Coffee.


You may or may not know (if you read my blog about our ceremonial grade organic matcha, then you do know this) that over the many years of Aharon Vaknin’s coffee journey, he has gradually developed an appreciation for and – dare I say it? I dare! – a love for high-quality tea.

Aharon Organic Tea

Online and in-store, we sell Fair Trade, organic loose-leaf teas including Earl Grey, English Breakfast, Jasmine Green, Masala Chai, Chamomile, and the herbal Blood Orange. They are each sublime, flavorful, and can be brewed as a hot or iced tea for a truly transformative teatime experience!

And of course, we sell our beloved matcha; our matcha lattes with our fresh house-made almond-hazelnut milk are especially coveted by our Beverly Hills 90212 locals.

But what you may not know is that recently we added a new addition to our roster of specialty teas, and this one is our shining crown jewel: Sencha Green Tea from Kakegawa, Japan.

Sencha Green Tea

Organic, Loose Leaf Sencha Green Tea from Kakegawa, Japan

Grown, picked, and shipped directly from the same farmers and tea experts who cultivate our ceremonial grade organic matcha green tea, this loose leaf Sencha green tea is heavenly. It has no astringent or bitter quality at all, which most of us have taken for granted when we decide to enjoy a green tea.  This organic tea is phenomenal, and all the more extraordinary due to the fact that these tender leaves were gathered as a part of the spring picking, which is the moment the leaves are at their most delicate, flavorful, and delicious.

Sencha Green Tea Spring Picking

Unlike other coffee roasteries, we at Aharon Coffee care deeply and fervently about crafting and sharing a product that is not only delicious and exquisite but also vibrantly healthful. Our coffee supports your immune system – not just because all coffee has been proven to be extremely beneficial to health, but also because specifically the precision roasting method that Aharon uses and the way our coffee is handled means Aharon coffee is even MORE healthy than 99% of the world’s coffees.

And so it is with tea and especially green tea! Did you know one study even found green tea has been shown to inhibit the influenza virus from replicating in the body? Like coffee, green tea is packed with antioxidants.

So for all of you tea drinkers, comfort has arrived! Our spring picking authentic Sencha Green Tea is a must-try. Gift yourself (or a friend) with the very best, this most beautiful green tea.