Uganda LOVE this New Coffee!

I have exactly ONE customer who will laugh at this joke each time he visits our Beverly Hills 90212 coffee shop and asks me to recommend to him a good coffee. (JS, you know who you are!)

Nonetheless, I stand by my pun. Coffee drinkers of the world: Uganda LOVE our organic small-batch roasted Uganda coffee!

Why Love our Uganda Organic Coffee?

First of all, toasted almonds. There is an actual hint of this magical flavor inside this wondrous bold and smooth African coffee when the beans are roasted and brewed correctly. It’s subtle, and it co-exists with hints of floral aroma and traces of earthy sweetness.

Second, these are some seriously high-quality beans. They are bourbon and Blue Mountain varietals, certified organic and also certified Rainforest Alliance. Grown atop Mount Elgon, a massive mountain that spans the border of Kenya and Uganda and is home to some of the best organic coffees in the world, these beans are cultivated in volcanic loam, handled, and washed in a way that unlocks their superior taste and mouthfeel.

Located up at 1800m elevation alongside the famous Sipi Falls waterfall, the beans are washed at what was Africa’s first-ever certified organic Sipi Falls Wet Mill. The wet mill enables its neighboring farming communities to centralize the washing of their organic beans and maximize profit for these farmers, while also recycling its wastewater and maintaining a large organic nursery for its participating farmers.

Finally, the thing I love most about our new Uganda is this: it’s a GREAT cup of coffee! Truthfully, all our coffees are wonderful and unique. But Uganda shares a quality with our super popular AM blend, our Movito blend, our Costa Rica and our Colombia which is that has mass appeal.

Sure, this Uganda has subtle flavor notes and a special pedigree. But it’s number one “flavor note” is COFFEE, and for most of us, that is enough!

Uganda Organic Coffee