Frank Sumatra

Frank Sinatra was the coolest of the cool, king of the Rat Pack and smooth crooner, wowing men and women alike. A timeless classic.

Our new organic, Fair Trade coffee from Sumatra

Aharon Coffee Sumatra, arguably the new king of coffees at our Beverly Hills 90212 café, has us swooning as if we are grooving to New York, New York. Like Sinatra, our new organic, Fair Trade coffee from Sumatra, Indonesia, is a cool, timeless classic, a crowd-pleaser, and above all, smooooooth.

Sumatra Organic Coffee

It’s also BOLD. And earthy, as all Sumatras are. But not ‘dirty’ earthy. It delivers an almost magical rich, herbal, nuanced earthiness with a hint of spice and chocolate.

It’s Mother Earth-y.

We haven’t had Sumatra coffee beans in our roastery in over six months. So when Aharon Vaknin, founder, and CEO of our beloved Aharon Coffee & Roasting Co., heard about this special offering of Grade 1 organic Sumatra (Grade 1 is the highest grade possible when measuring a coffee’s quality), he jumped.

Making a big difference in the lives of its growers

Want to feel even better about trying our new Sumatra? Turns out, these wonderful coffee beans don’t only deliver an exquisite flavor and texture – they are also making a big difference in the lives of its growers.  

The coffee beans are grown by a collective of family-owned farms established under the umbrella of Ratu Ketiara Gayo cooperative (RKG). The RKG cooperative was created just a few years ago by a group of young women striving to achieve gender equity and investing in young coffee producers. The group works with a number of cooperatives in the region to overcome the inequity of a male-dominated coffee industry in Indonesia.

What does it all boil down to, after brewing and sipping the new Aharon Coffee organic Sumatra? It’s almost like being in love.