Aharon Coffee is Amazing for Your Body and Mind (part 2)

When we were growing up, we were warned that coffee wasn’t good for you and it was best to stay away. Come to find out… it was the SUGAR in the coffee, maybe the CREAM, and possibly the DARK ROASTED beans that were, in fact, not healthy.

But what about coffee?

Turns out, COFFEE IS AMAZING - for our bodies and our minds!

Over the past decade, it seems like there have been endless studies that attest to the nearly magical qualities and health benefits of coffee, including decaf coffee. It is a SERIOUSLY long list of awesome health benefits, so I will condense it for you here:

Coffee has been proven to be amazing for:

1. Lungs – breathe deeply and drink that cup of coffee! Research shows coffee can help reduce asthma and can improve lung function and reduce mortality due to respiratory illness.

2. Heart Health (yes, you read that correctly!) – research and studies conclude patients who had heart attacks were less likely to have a stroke or repeat attack if they drank coffee.

3. Skin – specifically, studies show how coffee helps ward off skin cancer and protect our skin from the sun’s deadly aspects.

4. Brain – well duh we all know coffee helps us think clearly and stay more alert & focused, right?! But did you know coffee also has been shown to possess properties that help protect the brain from Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and dementia?

5. Liver – It’s no accident the best hangover cure is coffee (hello, mental alertness anyone?) but most of us did not realize coffee has been proven to literally reverse damage done to our livers and keep our livers functioning optimally.

6. Vitamins & Antioxidants – Coffee contains a host of B vitamins, and perhaps even more exciting, coffee has MORE antioxidants than almost any other conduit, including green tea, black tea, red wine and even Vitamin C! (Random fun fact: Coffee was used as a replacement for Vitamin C a century ago for sailors who were coming down with scurvy and dropsy and it actually worked! It protected and saved those sailors.)

7. Energy – again, duh. But still – who doesn’t need a pick me up during stressful times, or any times for that matter? Plus it helps you maximize your workout. And coffee has been shown to help with weight loss and keep the weight off.

8. Mood – Feeling low? studies have shown coffee helps women ward off depression! If you ask Aharon and our men customers, however, it would appear coffee is a gender-neutral tool to boost happiness & joy.

9. Healthful (intermittent) fasting – for those of us who have tried and benefitted from the incredible concept of intermittent fasting to improve health and/or lose weight, a key success tool has been the allowance of coffee during the “fasting” morning period. Makes it MUCCCHHH easier to “fast” until late morning or the afternoon.

10. Fighting diabetesCoffee has been proven to have an inverse relationship with Type 2 Diabetes.

11. Teeth – coffee has a naturally occurring anti-bacterial called Trigonelline which means coffee could help prevent gum disease. We wish coffee also whitened our teeth but for that we still use our toothbrush and regular dental visits.

12. Joints – Coffee is a known anti-inflammatory aid – coffee has been shown to help fight gout.

13. Plants! – seriously, it’s not only humans who benefit – coffee produces a natural ‘pesticide’ effect, helping ward off harmful insects from plants and crops.

14. Memoryshort term memory is aided by drinking coffee!

15. Reducing harmful effects of Mercury – we all know mercury has found its way into fish and our other foods, and can cause awful effects. Well, now studies show coffee can help protect against and ward off these negative effects!

16. LONGER LIFE – Coffee has been shown that it contributes to longevity. So umm…. What are you waiting for???? Shop our coffees.

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