Aharon Coffee is Amazing For Your Body and Mind (part 1)

Since we opened Aharon Coffee & Roasting Co. in Beverly Hills, CA, we have heard endless testimonials from customers and clients. They couldn’t drink too much coffee (or they abstained completely) because it made them feel jittery, gave them reflux, or triggered some other uncomfortable symptom… until they switched exclusively to Aharon Coffee. 

This is because, in addition to all the insanely amazing proven health benefits of ALL coffee (see the long list in part 2 of this blog), Aharon Coffee is NEVER over-roasted, or dark roasted, which means it is healthier for your body! 

I know, I know. The term “dark roast” was beaten into all of our subconscious from childhood – we were brainwashed into thinking that the darker the coffee beans, the more delicious and higher quality they were – plus the terms “Italian Roast” and “French Roast” are just so romantic, right?


Avoid Dark Roast

If you want healthier (and YUMMIER) coffee, you must AVOID dark roast! Aharon always knew this instinctively, as he searched local shops for lighter roasted coffee (to no avail) and then finally embarked upon his own journey so that he could roast coffee beans himself, in the manner he believed would be best for the bean and for the coffee drinker.

As a certified Q Grader (the highest certification a coffee expert can attain) and as someone who has a natural intuitive culinary instinct for food in general and coffee in particular, Aharon explains it this way: “Coffee beans are beautiful delicate fruits that grow on a tree. If you roast them correctly, they yield their goodness, deliciousness, and an incredible healthiness. If you over-roast them or burn the beans - which is what 95% or more of the worlds’ roasters do as they ‘dark roast’ coffee beans - the naturally occurring delicious and healthy oil in the coffee either evaporates completely or it becomes rancid (think of what happens when you totally char a steak in a grill) and leads to problems in the body, like reflux and jitters.”

Over the past years, science and research have finally begun to catch up with Aharon’s instincts, and studies were conducted that proved the darker the roast, the LESS caffeine (that’s right, dark roast = weaker coffee!), the FEWER antioxidants, and the LESS overall health benefits of the coffee bean.

Moreover, you can’t just go by the color of the coffee bean, because sometimes a shorter timed roast will yield a more medium-brown color, but the manner and method of the roast were done at too high of a temperature and still over-roasts the bean.

Source Matters

Finally, Aharon is obsessive about choosing the HIGHEST quality organic coffee beans, sourced from farms with the best practices of farming and community, roasting the beans correctly, and then sealing the coffee beans into oxygen-proof bags as soon as they are roasted (with a one-way degassing valve to release the naturally occurring gasses from the roasted bean), since oxygen is a natural killer of freshly roasted coffee goodness.

We will address all of coffee’s healthy qualities (of which there are MANY) in the 2nd part of this blog. In the meantime, we highly recommend doing your own study at home with Aharon Coffee by ordering here  - make sure to email us your feedback and results!

[Click here if you want to see me speaking with one of our customers, Katherine, in my YouTube Coffee & Talk series, about how she couldn’t handle other coffee but does not have side effects with Aharon Coffee.]