The BEST Matcha. Ever. Seriously.

In the beginning (of Aharon Coffee & Roasting Co.), there was only coffee. No food. No juice. No tea. Just small-batch roasted, incredibly tasty, incredibly healthy coffee. Coffee beans, hot coffee, pour-over coffee, Turkish coffee, iced coffee, cold brew coffees, nitro coffees, café lattes… You get the picture.

There was one exception. 

From the beginning, Aharon also crafted wildly popular iced and hot matcha green tea drinks.

The backstory: when Aharon was gearing up to open his flagship coffee & roastery in Beverly Hills, CA, his friend and mentor asked Aharon to meet up at the Long Beach Tea Expo. Aharon agreed, but when he arrived, he immediately met a Japanese woman who talked in depth about the health benefits and flavor profile of a particular matcha green tea that she was in town to promote. Aharon politely listened but didn’t think much of the conversation until he entered the enormous exposition convention center to meet his friend…. Whose booth, it turned out, was directly next to the matcha tea booth of the woman Aharon had serendipitously met out front.

Convinced there was a good reason for this coincidence, Aharon spent a good portion of his visit with the Japanese scientists and representatives from this special farm who had flown in to demonstrate and share their ceremonial grade matcha at the US trade show. He recognized their joyful love of matcha and green tea along with their highly specific attention to detail and care as mirroring his own joy and care and attention to detail when it came to coffee and coffee beans.

Right then and there, Aharon decided that Aharon Coffee & Roasting Co. would be a destination for the world’s very best coffee… and also for the world’s very best matcha tea.

Aharon matcha is 100% pure, certified organic, ceremonial grade, and divinely delicious. Not to mention healthy: matcha has incredible antioxidant benefits and a wonderful caffeine boost that the body experiences as a slow and smooth infusion of energy with zero crash.

Using the ceremonial bamboo whisk and bowl to make every matcha drink and latte, Aharon baristas uphold the highest standards when crafting organic matcha drinks at the café. 

 Organic, Ceremonial Grade Matcha from Aharon Tea

Try it for yourself! Now available in 30g tins in-store and online.

Matcha Latte - Aharon Coffee