Bravo for Espresso!

Aharon’s small-batch roasted, organic, joy-infused espresso has always been one of the most renowned and delicious offerings of our café. It is also an essential item for our espresso-loving online customers who want that Aharon café experience at home.

But what exactly IS espresso?

Let’s first address what espresso is not:

  1. Expresso” (please, practice saying the beautiful Italian word correctly: “eh-spress-soh”. No “X” in the word!
  2. A “type” of bean. Espresso is the name of a brewing method & the name of the resulting “shot” of coffee. Just like a Drip Coffee maker makes drip coffee, a French press makes French press coffee, and cold brewing makes cold brew… espresso machines make espresso shots.
  3. A “type” of roast. (see #2, above - espresso is a brewing method & the resulting coffee brewed using an espresso machine.)

However… it is true that Aharon roasts coffee beans intended primarily for espresso in a slightly different manner than he roasts other beans.

Does this mean espresso roast = dark roast? Of course not… Dark roast is dark roast – (read more about why you may want to stop drinking dark roast here) – and it has nothing to do with the rich, flavorful journey that you take with a heavenly sip of espresso.

Aharon Coffee Espresso Shot

Does this mean coffee designated for espresso should ONLY be used for espresso brewing?

Also, no!

Let’s review.

Q. What is espresso?

A. A shot of rich, sumptuous coffee pulled (brewed) from an espresso machine.

We love to brew many of our single origin coffees as espresso shots – some of my current espresso favorites are this Sulawesi, this Ethiopia and this honey-processed Honduras.

And conversely, the divine blend Aharon creates for espresso also works wonderfully as a drip brewed coffee, a French press and a cold brew!

In fact… our espresso blend works SO well for many brew methods in addition to espresso, that Aharon has decided to rename our retail espresso blend. So here you have it, without further ado, (re)introducing…


Bravo Organic Aharon Coffee

Take one sip of Aharon’s espresso blend Bravo, and you’ll be cheering along with us.

Bravo for espresso!