Our Decaf Coffee is Spectacular

It’s so not cool to drink decaf coffee. Right? 


Especially when it comes to Aharon Decaf Coffee!


1st, even decaf coffee has incredible health benefits; 2nd, many people need to avoid caffeine for legit health reasons but they still love the taste of coffee; and, 3rd, why shouldn’t people who are sensitive to caffeine (most of us) be able to enjoy a coffee in the evening?

And 4th… because You be You!

And if you are a decaf drinker… welcome home. Because, after years of keeping this secret mostly to ourselves and our local Beverly Hills decaf clientele, we decided to shout it from the rooftops:


Seriously. It’s rich, creamy, smooth, and dare I say it (yes, I dare): YUMMY. It also happens to be organic and water-processed – which means the caffeine is removed from the beans using a natural water process vs. a bad-for-you and bad-tasting chemical process – and like all Aharon coffees, it’s small-batch roasted under Aharon’s laser-precise supervision, and always with the consciousness of joy.

But don’t just believe me.

We received this email recently:

Subject: 💗 Love your decaf!!

Message: Hello!

As you know I love Aharon coffee. I have been drinking more coffee later in the day and prefer decaf in the afternoon. I have never been a big fan of decaf but tolerated it until I tried Aharon decaf. It’s amazing and makes me happy. Thank you for your talents! I appreciate Aharon!

Theresa from Chicago”

And here is an excerpt from a Yelp review we received from Marcia, one of our international travelers:

After 50 years of drinking a LOT of coffee on a daily basis, I’m now relegated to DECAF. But, this makes me even MORE of an expert on taste because a wonderful tasting decaf is nearly an impossibility. So, here is what happens when you take the first sip...FLAVOR. The color image in my mind with that first sip is green. Why green? Green is a complex mind and feeling color - it has depth, the coffee tastes YOUNG, it tastes of the earth, it tastes of a sweetness of a bean that is roasted to just the right point, not burnt or bitter, sweet, young, intense, interesting and an overriding sense that you’ve just tasted something very very special...”

Our founder & CEO Aharon Vaknin explains the challenges of roasting decaf coffee beans this way:

“Decaf coffee by its nature is a bean that has been altered & compromised in order to have the caffeine extracted out of it. Our decaf beans are organic and also water-processed, which means no chemicals are used to decaffeinate the beans. But most importantly, when we roast our decaf, it’s the hardest roast we have, due to the special attention and care we need to give the beans that have been compromised.”

Bottom line? If you or someone you care about is searching for a joyful cup of coffee that is also a decaffeinated cup of coffee… the search is over.

Click here for decaffeinated heaven!