You(and Me)Tube

Aharon and I have spent the past five years laser-focused on making our flagship coffee shop & roastery a truly unique and wonderful destination and expanding our coffee customers by offering our small-batch roasted beans for sale online.

From the get-go, we produced coffee and drinks and matcha of supreme quality with unparalleled craftsmanship and attention to detail. We were written up in many publications, including Refinery 29The Jewish JournalLAeaterLA MagazineAirBnB's Insider's Guidelifestyle blogspersonal blogs, and social media outlets.

We have always enjoyed posting beautiful photos of our drinks, coffee beans, and customers on Instagramand Facebook, and we go through phases where we make an extra effort to film Instagram Live and Facebook Live videos to connect with our amazing customers all over the globe. It's especially fun to hear online from "regulars" who have traveled through Beverly Hills and loved our coffee and our vibe, but who we only see us once in a while when they come to town. Social media also helps us stay in touch with those wonderful Aharon Coffee customers who heard from a friend who heard from a friend who heard from a friend about our coffee, and who now order our beans or matcha online even though they have never made it physically to our Beverly Hills store.

But it wasn't until the YouTube sensation the Dolan Twins filmed an episode of their massively famous YouTube video series at our store – YouTubers get a REAL JOB for the first time - that we were truly awakened to the possibility of reaching endless 'fans' via social media videos.

As of this writing, over five million viewers have seen that video! And while that video was incredible fun to film and it is a lot of fun to watch, Aharon and I realized that it would be worthwhile to film our own video series, some instructional and others intimate and personal.

Thus was born: the Aharon YouTube Channel! We have only just begun, and we are so excited to continue to upload more videos to help anyone figure out the easiest and best way to brew coffee. And I will continue to chat with all of you about our journey – by myself and also with wonderful guests.

Have a look, and please don't hesitate to email or DM us with what YOU would like to see more of!


Ciao for now,



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