At Aharon, We Care about Community

When the government ordered all non-essential retail businesses to close but allowed cafes like ours to stay open for grab & go and delivery options, we breathed a sigh of relief.

Not only because we cannot financially afford to shutter our doors for a couple of weeks or more – unlike Blue Bottle, for example, that was bought by Nestle for around $600 million several years ago, or Intelligentsia, that, along with famous coffee brands like Peet’s, Stumptown and Keurig Green Mountain Coffee, was bought by JAB Holding Company, a German conglomerate – we are a family-owned and operated store; a true ‘mom & pop’.

Beyond the financial cost, though, the more important reason we are thrilled to be allowed to continue crafting, serving, shipping and sharing our coffee, tea and scratch-made food and baked goods can be summed up in one word: Joy!

 Yes, joy. Our original paradigm was and still is The Joy of Coffee, and at Aharon, we consciously inject the energy and thought vibration of Joy into every task we do, from our coffee roasting to our drink and food preparation, to our sanitizing, cleaning, and beyond.

Do you remember a time in recent history when people needed a good dose of Joy more than now? 

We at Aharon care about humanity. We support all efforts to keep ourselves and our fellow humans healthy and safe. We believe in following the guidelines of elected officials, especially when they are rational and designed to keep us as safe as possible.

For this reason, we deeply appreciate and feel honored to have the opportunity to continue to share our coffee and to support our community as the world shutters most of its doors. 

Plus, it’s GOOD FOR YOU! (Feeling joyful, and also, coffee itself - did you know that coffee has 500 times the antioxidant effect than Vitamin C?) Click here to find out more fun healthy facts about coffee.

While the crisis is upon our nation, we will maintain our slightly reduced hours (6:30am-4pm) and we have removed our stools from our café area so visitors will understand they can only purchase food, drink, beans or tea to go. 

 But our smiles are wide and generous, and our items are fresh, delicious and packed with Joy. 

Need a jolt of Aharon Coffee-induced joy? Come in person & order your items to go, OR stay at home and use the link on our home page or download our app for iPhone or Samsung and place your order ahead for pickup or delivery. Or if you don’t live in Los Angeles, order online