The Coffee that Changed my Life

The Coffee that Changed my Life

I doubt I will ever forget the first cup of well-roasted coffee that sent me firmly on this journey side-by-side with Aharon.

Coffee = Fountain of Youth

Coffee = Fountain of Youth

Sound extreme? Consider this: recent studies have proven coffee helps rejuvenate the liver (yes, counteracting the damage done by last night's bender), reduce risk of skin cancer, heart disease, alzheimer's and diabetes, and it even works to counteract erectile disfunction.

Take that, Viagra!

Oh yeah, and it helps you stay awake. And focus. And be happy. (that last one may be subjective but I'm standing firmly behind the science of my own experience of being very happy every time I drink our coffee).

What? You need proof you say? Studies? Scientific studies?

Ok then. Read this article (the gist of which says coffee is the closest thing to immortality that we've got and it doesn't even need to be caffeinated. BAM!) 

Which leads me to my last point: our coffee. Aharon Coffee. 

Anyone who has tried it knows this: Aharon coffee is something special. We choose the beans, roast the beans, and brew the beans (unless you buy our beans in which case YOU brew the beans) with one over-arching goal - to deliver the maximum amount of joy to our customer.

And everyone knows joy keeps you young!


Magically Delicious Kona Coffee

Magically Delicious Kona Coffee

What makes Kona coffee so special?

Famous for its full-bodied flavor and swoon-worthy aroma, Kona is like what French Champagne is to the world of wine. Exquisite and exciting, its rich, smooth flavor palate makes Kona all the more delightful to drink... 

...and as with Champagne, it can only be called Kona if it has been grown on the authentic Kona, Hawaii island.

The Kona that we are roasting at Aharon Coffee & Roasting Co. is, in a word, delicious.

Magical, we dare say.

Grown on the Hawaiian Makapueo family-owned and operated farm, this Kona has been lovingly planted, thoughtfully cultivated and harvested, and cared for by its farmers who use only natural fertilizer, water conservation techniques and other best practices and quality controls that makes us proud to share the fruits of this family's labor with you.

For $35, you can pick up a bag in store or order online & have it shipped right to your front door (or anywhere in the US). Come and see what the rest of the coffee-drinking world is buzzing about!



Aharon Coffee Nut Milk Latte - the Fresh Alternative

Aharon Coffee Nut Milk Latte - the Fresh Alternative

Want a fresh and delicious alternative to dairy milk for your cappuccino or latte?

Introducing, Aharon Coffee nutmilk! 

Hand-crafted on the premises in small batches and comprised of 1/4 hazelnuts, 3/4 almonds and our fresh reverse-osmosis specially filtered water, Aharon Coffee nutmilk is rich, creamy and crazy delicious.

Why go through all the trouble and expense of offering a hand-crafted nutmilk alongside our store-bought options of organic almond milk, organic soy milk & almond/coconut milk?

Cause we love you.

Cold Brew Coffee at Aharon (Nectar of the Gods)

Cold Brew Coffee at Aharon (Nectar of the Gods)

Obsessed. The most popular adjective we hear from our clients who buy our Aharon Coffee Cold Brew, day in and day out, week after week, is that they are obsessed. 

And why shouldn't they be?

Coffee, as we know, is amazing for your health.

Aharon Coffee cold brew, as you may or may not know, achieves its bold, full bodied and utterly delicious taste thanks to our proprietary coffee blend that we create and roast in house, along with the 16 hour room temperature extraction process we use to create the cold brew coffee that we are proud to call our own.


The sweet, smooth, strong powerful nectar of the coffee gods known to most as Aharon Coffee Cold Brew.

Available in store on tap, in a 12oz bottle or 64oz growler.